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Athena Merchants

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Économie et entreprise
Développeur Francis Njoroge

We are a team of youthful and passionate innovations and IT experts working tirelessly to understand and monitor the ever changing technology space. We strive to keep abreast with the public’s changing needs and provide solutions that best meet these needs. And hence, products like Athena come into existence.
We have identified major gaps between businesses and their prospective clients i.e. lack of capital to set up physical shop, lack of funds to advertise their services, lack of trust in the part of the customers in allowing new service providers access their homes to perform service, and many more. We endeavor to bridge this gap. To make this happen we have come up with a tool that ensure open and trusted interaction between the customers and service providers through the use of their mobile phones.
The Athena platform works by providing a mobile application that both the service provider and the customer downloads and installs on their phones. They can then interact in the request and provision of services.
Components of the Solution
Merchant (Service Provider) application
This allows the merchant to:
Register an account and create their business profile
Receive notifications of request of service from customers
Call prospective clients and agree on terms of service
Receive payments on the platform
Receive ratings on the application

Customer application
This application allows the customer to:
Register an account and create customer profile
Search for services on the application based on ratings, location, pricing etc.
Choose, send service request and book a service
Make payments to the service provider through the application
Rate the service provider

Beneficiaries of the solutions
The Service Providers

Athena provides a platform that allows service providers access to an endless stream of clients at the touch of a button. The rating on the SP profile speaks for itself and therefore they gain trust from their prospective clients.

By increasing the volume of their business, the solutions ensures that SP’s business grows and therefore other aspects of their lives grow as well.

The Customers

Athena provides a platform where vetted and rated service providers are readily available. We have gone an extra mile to provide training and skill enhancing services to the merchants signed up with us.

This assurers the customers of two things:

They can easily access any services they need from a listing of several service providers whenever and wherever they are needed.
That the service provider coming to your house is not only known and vetted, but that they are also skilled to perform their services at a higher level.

The Athena team
The Athena team benefits by:
Being the best technology platform offering a market place where service providers and their customers can freely meet and interact
Improving the service offering of the merchants registered with the platform by offering them training and skills enhancements, advertising their services and all round raising their standards of living by growing their businesses.
Enhancing their product portfolio and cementing their position as leader in the Innovations and Technology products provider in the region.

It is easy to register
Immediate feedback on the app
Rated and Vetted service providers
Ready market for both customers and the service providers
Allows the Service Providers and any other party to be their own boss